Special Education Advisory Committee

What is the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)?

Under Ontario's Education Act, every student is entitled to a program which meets their needs.  In CCAV成人头条, our Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) helps the Board protect the rights of students with special learning needs.  SEAC provides information, advise and assistance to parents/guardians whose children may require additional support.  

SEAC advises and makes recommendations to the Board concerning the establishment and development of special education programs and services.  

Special Education Advisory Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)

What happens at a SEAC Meeting?

SEAC meetings are a forum for SEAC members to provide advice and discussion of Board programs and support services for exceptional pupils.  

Meetings follow a formal format including:

  • Review of Minutes
  • Presentations
  • Current issues and initaitives in Special Education
  • Board Reports by Staff
  • Correspondence and questions

You are welcome to attend!

The CCAV成人头条 invites all parents/guardians and interested members of the public to attend Special Education Advisory Committee meetings.  

The Committee meets through video conference at 3:00 p.m. (usually every 2nd Tuesday of the month).  Should you wish to attend, please email or 


SEAC Meeting Minutes