Teacher Receives Regional Certificate of Achievement for the 2024 Prime Minister's Award



MARATHON, Ontario –  Teacher Chris Dube of Lake Superior High School (LSHS) has been named the recipient of the Regional Certificate of Achievement for the 2024 Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence.  This prestigious recognition celebrates Chris's outstanding contributions to education, particularly in the realms of experiential learning and community engagement.


Chris Dube, who serves as the Science, Chemistry, Biology, Outdoor Environmental Science, and Learning Strategies Teacher at LSHS, embodies a passion for enriching students' educational experiences through innovative teaching methods.  His dedication to integrating diverse activities and fostering experiential learning opportunities has garnered widespread acclaim.


One of Mr. Dube's notable achievements includes spearheading the Community Building and Powwow Revitalization Project.  Under his leadership, students camped on the Pays Plat First Nation powwow grounds, engaging deeply in cultural teachings with Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers. Together, they raised nearly $30,000 to purchase and install new bleachers, enhancing community infrastructure and fostering cross-cultural understanding.


Lake Superior High School Principal Sara Curtis, describes Mr. Dube as a champion for experiential learning and community engagement, noting his pivotal role in bridging Indigenous ways of teaching with modern educational tools.  Chris's initiatives, such as integrating GPS and GIS technology into the curriculum in collaboration with Lakehead University, exemplify his commitment to preparing students for a digital and innovation-based economy.


Superintendent of Education Will Goodman stated that “Mr. Dube's plays a significant role in advancing the CCAV成人头条's vision for learning by empowering students through interdisciplinary learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom, Chris ensures they are equipped with the skills necessary to thrive as future leaders.”


The Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence, established in 1994, recognize exemplary educators across Canada.  Chris Dube joins a distinguished group of teachers celebrated for their remarkable achievements and dedication to preparing youth for the challenges of tomorrow.  The Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence honor outstanding elementary and secondary school teachers who demonstrate a commitment to educational excellence and innovation.  These awards celebrate educators who inspire and empower students to reach their full potential in an evolving world.